I will say it once more
each tile has its history
In these four walls
they have come alive
now I know, it’s possible
to go back to the past
and to stand on something
you thought would not last



Young Heart

A young heart,
like a fresh wound,
hurts more, when exposed
to the world of sour tongues,
bitter eyes and bland brains

A young heart, hurts
like a healing wound
that stretches to
the demands of life

There’s no home,
when you are down
There’s no home,
even when you are up



I counted two days as one
I made the waiting,
of days of 20
to days of 10

The wait was unbearable,
you could tell-
Being 1617 miles away from you
but my heart still beats
In your home

-how am I still breathing-
how am I still alive

sometimes you need
to lose your heart
to feel alive


Black & White

It’s okay to be the black in the white
and it’s okay to be the white in the black
because, without the black,
one cannot define the powers of the white
and without the white,
one cannot define the powers of
the black
The contrast is beautiful
Embrace it, and love the difference



The hands that haven’t held
The legs that haven’t walked
The skin that has never felt
The eyes that couldn’t see
The ears that couldn’t hear

I owned the mouth that never spoke,
filled with words hidden behind lips
that filled my throat
but, I couldn’t speak
the last and only thing I felt
was the awful feeling
of being choked
whenever I spoke
I was creature with no energy
just like a flower with no petals
I wasn’t able to bloom
I wasn’t able to grow