These pigeons

  the pigeons here, they aren’t afraid of the feet that walk past them on this grey street, they are aware of our stories the places we go and the faces we meet they are aware of the soggy tissues that fall above, from the balconies they are aware of the life and stories that live in those used tissues – they examine it, a tissue for a moment in the past, they think, I believe, they know and hear the emotions in those tissues that dry and travel around in these streets, they know the secrets and seen faces, … Continue reading These pigeons

A lot of a lot

breathing in and out breathing in and out so many words the beginning and ending of the worlds words the eternal loop from word to word and to the sound of silence the sound of silence that overlaps a lot of beginnings and endings of words words and again words a lot of words and voices a lot of talking, talking and talking a lot of a lot of things the sound of eyes closing lids clashing, open and shut open and shut, open and shut foots hitting the ground left and right, left foot coming after the right and … Continue reading A lot of a lot

It’s not people that frighten me

It’s not people that frighten me it’s their eyes, it’s the soul that hides within each eye, not only do they see- they judge, they think, they absorb. It’s the contrast between their whites and their color that project strength and create fear, it’s the inability to lose contact with that contrast, it’s impossible to lose connection from what makes you afraid but at the same time beautiful it brings you closer, it’s the fear of getting closer to something evil but irresistible. It’s the fear of losing yourself but loving it. -Kaya Continue reading It’s not people that frighten me